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Homestead exemption scam detected in Liberty County

We have learned about what appears to be another scam that could zero in on a great many local homeowners.  Mrs. Lana McCarty, chief appraiser of the Liberty County Central Appraisal District, tells us that some local citizens are receiving a mailed solicitation offering, for $45, a company using the name Homestead Designation Services will get a homestead exemption for the homeowner. It is a formal looking offer form to provide that service. Chief Liberty County Appraiser Lana McCarty explains precisely what is being offered, in what we can only call an apparent scam, but take note this is not something for which any homeowner needs to pay. You might want to spread the word to family and friends, just in case they should receive a service offer in the mail. The official looking form has been received by some Dayton ISD property owners. Potential victims have contacted the school district business office, others have contacted the CAD office. Be advised that no one is required to fill out this very official looking form nor pay the $45 price on it. A homestead exemption is a service available at no charge for anyone owning property otherwise qualified at the Liberty County Central Appraisal District office. To other listeners, in other counties, if you should receive an official looking form from a company calling itself Homestead Designation Services offering to get your homestead exemption for you - be advised what they are offering is not a service any property owner needs to pay for. It is a service, if they are otherwise qualified for, that is theirs at the CAD at no cost.

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