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Sandra Bland Act

Most –but not all- new laws passed during the last session of the Texas Legislature took effect on September 1st, 2017. Some others became law on January 1st 2018. One of those laws in place since September will force law enforcement agencies to address what most lawmakers saw as inadequate safeguards for those housed in Texas jails. SB1849, authored by Democrat John Whitmire of Houston was brought about by the widely publicized death of a 28-year-old Illinois woman in the Waller County Jail following what was initially a routine traffic stop in 2015. Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett said the Sandra Bland Act will initiate changes to jail procedures across the state, including here in Liberty County. DA Logan Pickett said the new law mandates jail and patrol officer training requirements that are designed to prevent the kind of escalating series of events that led to Sandra Bland’s death in the Waller Co. Jail. 

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