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Open Enrollment

On November 1st, the open enrollment period to purchase health insurance as provided for under the Affordable Care Act began and will continue through December 15th. Best known as “Obama Care”, the Affordable Care Act offers uninsured or underinsured Americans the ability to enroll in health care coverage or to renew a plan they may already have. While the politics of the affordable health care act remain contentious, Melissa McChesney of the non profit Cover Texas Now Coalition said Obama Care remains the law of the land. She said the deadline of December 15th means Texans who do not sign up for health insurance or receive health insurance from another source many have to pay a fine. Again, the open enrollment period for health insurance for 2018 under the federal Affordable Care Act began November 1st and continues through December 15th. For information and help in finding the health insurance best suited to individual health care needs and budget, go to local help. or call 2-1-1 to be connected with a local enrollment center. 

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