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Hurricane Season Continues

Just one month remains in the 2017 hurricane season, and experts are urging residents to remain vigilant and not to be lulled into a false sense of security. Since late May, there have been 16 named tropical storms in the Atlantic Basin with ten of those becoming hurricanes. Six have been classified as a major hurricane with sustained winds of at least 111 miles per hour. A major hurricane constitutes a Category 3 or higher on the widely accepted Saffir-Simpson Scale. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25 near Rockport as a Category 4, causing wide spread flooding as it moved through Southeast Texas into Louisiana. We’ve reported that from Friday, August 25, through Wednesday, August 30, Hurricane Harvey dumped a total of 41.75 inches of rain on the City of Liberty. For the six-month hurricane season that runs through November 30, experts had predicted an above average probability of a hurricane making landfall in the United States this year. Back in June, KSHN reported experts from Colorado State University predicted 14 named storms with six reaching hurricane force. So, this year’s 16 named storms with 10 reaching hurricane status have already topped those projections. Again, hurricane season ends four weeks from today. While the historically busiest part of the season is over, hurricanes can still form in the Atlantic basin. Just remember – the best time to prepare is now, not when a storm is in the gulf. Once a hurricane is coming at us, store shelves are known to empty rapidly. You can find more information on what you need in an emergency kit, as well as other useful survival tips, on our website at Once there, click on disaster preparedness under the local information tab.

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