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County Employee Raises

With the vote lastTuesday to approve the Liberty County budget for the upcoming fiscal year, Liberty County Judge Jay Knight said most county employees received a raise of between 3 and 5 %.  There were a few however, who’s increases in salary raised a few eyebrows.  Positions throughout the county that received more than the average increase in salary include the Sheriffs secretary who received no raise last year but this budget year will get $38,500 per year. That’s a bump of 13%.  Liberty County Judge Jay Knight’s court coordinator was given her first raise in two years, up by 7% to $47,079.  Also up by 7% this year is the chief deputy for the Libertycounty tax assessor, that position received a 1.5% increase last year. The chief deputy for the county clerk was afforded a 7.5% increase in salary but had no increase last year. LibertyCounty employee salaries that also increased over most other positions would be the Bond Supervision Director, up by 12% to $49,082 annually. There was no salary increase for the bond supervision director last budget year. There is a 9% increase for the assistant county auditor in the Liberty County 2018 budget. The District Clerk’s chief deputy gets an 8.5 % bump up this budget year.  The largest increases went to two positions that also received above the average increases last year. In September 2016, Commissioners approved pay raises for the court coordinators for the two district courts. Those salary increases were for $4000 each. That was less than the $10 - $12,000 dollar a year increases requested by the district judges for their court coordinators. At that time, LibertyCountySherriff Bobby Rader objected to the large increase when compared to the salaries paid to other similar positions across the county.  The vote last year was in favor of the raises, with one exception. That was when Liberty County Commissioners Precinct 4 Leon Wilson, voted no, stating publicly he felt the court coordinators should have been given the full amount requested by the district judges.  On Tuesday this week, the same two positions were afforded additional salary increases, this time in the amount of $6000 per year for the court coordinator for the 75th district court. That equals an 11.25% increase over the prior year.  The court coordinator for the 253rd district court gets a 17% increase for a total of an additional $6854 per year. Including the raises for the past two budget years, the court coordinator in the 75th District Court of Judge Mark Moorefield has been given a 20% increase in salary. As for the court coordinator in the 253rd District Court of Judge Chap Cain, that job has received a total of a 30% increase spread over just two years.  The United States Census Bureau lists Liberty County in 2015 of having a median household income of $48,729 and a poverty level that reached 16%. 

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