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Another Scam

Still another scam warning - this one from Cleveland Police Department and Captain Scott Felts. He said Cleveland police have received several reports in recent weeks from residents who have received phone calls from scammers identifying themselves as IRS agents. You’ve heard it before, as for scams involving the IRS, remember that federal agency does not call or email. Instead, they make their contact through the U.S.mail. This reminder from local CPA Byron Swaim - while thieves have long been sending fake notices by email or making fictitious phone calls, those scammers are now also sending their fake notices by U.S. mail. So, ifyou receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, Byron Swaim said to make extra certain it is actually from that government organization and not crooks. Mr. Swaim suggests contacting a CPA or tax professional you trust to help decipher the letter. The Internal Revenue Service’s actual website is On that government site, they have a Taxpayer Assistance Office Locator link to find contact information for an office near you. This big reminder - those IRS bogus letters, coming in the mail, direct taxpayers to make checks payable to the IRS – that acronym allows the thieves to steal your money. When paying funds to the Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers should always make checks payable to the “US Treasury”. Here are other reminders to avoid becoming a victim - experts say you should never give out personal information to someone who contacts you. That information should only be given out to trusted organizations or businesses andonly then when you contact them directly. Also, if you are contacted by someone claiming to be with the IRS or a company you do business with, hang up. Then experts say to call back using a phone number from your own records for that business or government agency. You can report IRS scam phone calls and letters to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484 or on the website.


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