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Dayton ISD All Day Pre-K

Educators agree that the sooner a child is introduced to a learning environment, the more successful they will be in future academic efforts. With that in mind, the Dayton ISD has been offering a tuition-based all day pre-kindergarten program. Traditionally, the Pre-K Program is for kids who qualify according to family income guidelines or those who meet English as a second language requirements. That program is only a half day. Colbert Elementary School Principal Jennifer Narvaez said they are expanding their paid tuition Pre-K classes next year. Ms. Narvaez said in addition to full day Pre-K available by tuition, they will make full day Pre-K available to those who currently qualify only for free half day pre-kindergarten. That extended pre k will be offered at a reduced cost. To find out more about Pre-Kindergarten Classes at Colbert Elementary in Dayton, call 258-2727 or link to the district web site from 

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