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Sales Tax Payments Christmas

The Christmas shopping season was a bit off for a number of area retailers. That is evidenced by sales tax collections for November and December in the 10 incorporated cities with retail businesses across Liberty County. Sales tax dollars collected during those two months are returned to cities in January and February for use in their budgets. According to information from the Texas Comptroller’s Office, sales tax collections for that two-month period fell by 6.34 percent countywide. Taking a look at individual towns here in Liberty County, January and February payments to the City of Libertyfrom sales tax collections back in November and December were down 1.39 percent. That’s a decrease for City of Liberty coffers of $6,893. It reflects a drop of $459,533 in overall taxable sales for businesses in Liberty during November and December, the traditional Christmas shopping season. Turning to Dayton, sales tax income was down there by 6.24 percent for the two months combined. In real dollars, the City of Dayton’s share was down $25,005. That means businesses there had a down-tick of $1.667 million in taxable sales for the final two months of 2016. Up in Cleveland, that city’s share of tax revenue dropped 9.72 percent or $63,357. Therefore, Cleveland businesses saw a drop in sales of $4.224 million for those same two months - November and December combined. Now, let’s take a look at those ten incorporated cities in Liberty County with retail businesses. Combined tax revenue was down 6.34 percent countywide for a real dollar total decrease of $101,823. That means for businesses in those ten towns, taxable sales were down a whopping $7.009 million with total retail sales of approximately $101.76 million during the two-month shopping season. The ten towns of LibertyCountybenefiting from retail sales tax dollars are Devers, Ames, Daisetta, Hardin, Plum Grove, Kenefick, North Cleveland, Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty. 

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