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Liberty Woman Dies in Feral Hog Attack

We have more to report on how the Liberty woman died this past weekend who’s body was found in Chambers County. Sheriff Brian Hawthorne of Chambers County said in a press conference held yesterday afternoon reported that Dr. Selly Rivers Jefferson County Medical Examiners office has ruled the cause of death of Christine Rollins, 59, of Liberty,  to be accidental. The medical examiner’s office said saying the woman bled to death after being attacked by feral hogs in the yard of her employer. According to Sheriff Hawthorne, the Liberty woman was attacked by several hogs, according to the medical examiner who noted a number of different size bite marks.  The Chambers County Sheriff said in their research they could find fewer than 6 deaths caused by feral hogs in the history of reporting wild hog’s attacks. It is non known over how wide an area this covers. Sheriff Hawthorne said Ms. Rollins arrived at her caretaker job at her normal time, around 6 am got out of car Sunday, locking it behind her, when she was attacked.  The home where Christina Rollins has worked for the past 2 years, sits on several acres of pasture and woodlands in a rural section of Chambers County.  



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