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DA arrested

Statement from the couple’s attorney
Megan and Logan want to thank everyone for all of the prayers and heartfelt support. They will not make any further comment regarding the matter pending in Harris County. They will rely on their strong faith in God and confidence in our justice system to carry their family through this most difficult time.  They trust the process will afford them the same dignity, respect and equality as others who encounter our judicial process. Logan will continue to serve the fine folks of Liberty County in the discharge of his duties as their elected District Attorney.


Pickett arrested on Class A misdemeanor


According to several Houston news media sources, that have been independently confirmed by, Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett has been arrested for assault in downtown Houston. We believe that after being processed at Houston Police Department, he was released. Pickett who is 38 years of age, was taken into custody this (Saturday) morning at the Westin Houston Downtown Hotel, according to Houston police.  Most of this information is coming from Houston Media Reports.  Pickett's wife, Megan Pickett, told the hotel front desk clerk that she and her husband were attending an event at Minute Maid Park and went to dinner before returning to the hotel. Allegedly, Mrs. Pickett had found out after dinner that her husband had not been honest with her and accused the Liberty County District Attorney with having an extra marital affair for some time. That’s when an argument began.  Police say, DA Logan Pickett pushed his wife, causing her to hit her head. Medics there determined she needed three stitches to close her wound but she declined that medical attention. The charge, in this instance, was assault against a family member, a class A misdemeanor.  Houston media reports say that Logan Pickett confirmed to police the couple was attending an event and then said he had nothing else to say. Again, Logan Pickett was release from the Houston police department.  The HPD public information office is closed on the weekends. We were unable to get further information.   


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