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Sailing Angels

Saturday November 2,  dawned bright and sunny and with a brisk north wind which was a perfect setting for the well planned and organized sailing cruise that the Kemah based Sailing Angels provided for their “Salute to Heroes” cruise and boat parade past the Kemah Boardwalk on Clear Lake. It was in September that Founder and CEO of the Sailing Angels Foundation, Captain Dave McCabe made it known that his organization who normally reaches out to our wounded warriors, military personnel and their families as well as special needs children was now offering their FREE two and a half hour cruise to First Responders and was offering a special invitation to all agencies for their planned “Salute to Heroes” cruise for this past week-end. Representing the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office were members of the Sheriff’s Citizen Auxiliary Network (S.C.A.N) team members. This organization of citizen volunteers performs such duties as the Citizen On Patrol and other related non-law enforcement functions that assist the Sheriff’s Office and other community events. Skipper for the day, Capt. Tom and his lovely wife, Patti along with their equally friendly, knowledgeable and out-going crew members piloted a beautiful and spacious 44’ catamaran motor-sailing vessel. This was only one of the over 40 yachts and motor-sail boats, including even a Navy surplus privately owned mine sweeper, that generous boat owners volunteer their crafts for these free cruises. All these exquisite vessels combined were carrying approximately 300 military personnel both active and retired and their families as well as First Responders from various agencies from around south-east Texas. To say the boat parade past the Kemah Board walk was an emotional and moving experience would be an understatement. As each boat sliced through the gentle wake of the boat ahead, one could hear the crowd that lined the boardwalk shouting, “Thank you for your service”.  The Sailing Angels is a 501 (3)© organization that utilizes over 40 boats and 135 volunteers in this one of a kind foundation that has provided “hydro-therapy” for over 13,000 special needs children in the last 10 years as well as a very large number of wounded warriors and their families. Capt. Dave encourages any group that may be interested in taking advantage of this free service to log onto the Sailing Angles website of and fill out a registration form and a cruise date can be established.



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