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Deputy Whitten's family says he has very limited movement since bullet hit spine

The family of Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Whitten has released another statement following last Wednesday’s shootings in Cleveland. As we reported, Deputy Whitten suffered a single gunshot to the neck and spine responding to multiple shootings at B Dependable Plumbing on State Highway 321. In the statement from his wife, Kami Whitten, and other family members, they report the bullet caused trauma and damage so extensive that, at this time, Deputy Whitten has only limited motion in just his neck and head and a small area on the right side of his body. Currently he needs assisted breathing, and the medical professionals in the intensive care unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital are reportedly doing what they can to keep him comfortable. Tami Whitten said her husband has been able to communicate during the past 48 hours, and his conversations have centered around concern for the other people involved in last week’s tragic shootings. As a family, they are grateful that Richard remains alive and are committed to ensuring he receives the care he needs while hoping he can regain his motion and mobility. However, they report that will be a very long, arduous and difficult process. While providing an update on Deputy Whitten, his family also extended their heartfelt concern to the other families and victims impacted by last week’s shootings. They also said they were grateful to all the first-responders involved in last week’s tragedy. The Whitten family’s response points out that when people are hurting and in danger, the first-responders all rise to the occasion and do whatever must be done. In closing, the family letter thanked everyone for their support, love and prayers on behalf of Richard Whitten and his family. Then, in a special note from wife Kami Whitten, she expressed her pride in Richard, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department as well as all the men and women who risk everything to serve and protect the community. In a related note, mark your calendars – there will be a benefit for  Deputy Richard Whitten on Saturday, June 22, at Trinity Armory, 2152 CR 388 in Cleveland. That fundraiser will include a live band, barbecue plates and a raffle.


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