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State changes gar fishing regulations for Trinity River

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has adopted some regulation changes for alligator gar fishing on the Trinity River. First of all, fishing for alligator gar on the river has garnered increased interest in recent years. According to the Coastal Conservation Association, that increased interest is driven, in part, by online videos and televised fishing shows highlighting outstanding alligator gar action on the Trinity River. Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists estimate less than five percent of alligator gar may be harvested annually and still maintain a healthy population. With a lack of adequate harvest data and the increased interest in pursuing this species of fish, Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission responded with two regulation changes for the Trinity River that gar fishermen need to know about. These changes will apply to the Trinity River from the I-30 bridge in Dallas downstream to the I-10 bridge in Chambers County. Of course, that does include the section of the river through Liberty County. Now, state regulations prohibit harvesting any alligator gar greater than 48 inches in length from that designated section of the Trinity River.The department also approved implementation of a limited lottery draw system that will allow those selected to harvest one Alligator gar greater than 48 inches per year. The commission is also requiring the statewide implementation of mandatory harvest reporting that will include the date, general location, size as well as the method of harvesting an alligator gar. Now, those who harvest one of these fish must report it within 24 hours on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website or via a designated app. Those changes to alligator gar fishing - including bowfishing - on the Trinity River and in the state of Texas were made at the commission’s March 20thmeeting. As always, anyone who hunts or fishes should familiarize themselves with the latest regulations. Those are available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website – that can be accessed from using the organization tab under local information.


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