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Social Security scam warning

The Social Security Administration issues periodic reminders to those receiving social security benefits to beware of the many phone scams used by crooks to try and separate folks from their money or their identity or both. While many phone scams are pretty easy to guard against since the agencies they impersonate -like the IRS or the BBB- will never initiate phone contact. However Social Security phone scams can be slightly trickier though, since sometimes Social Security will in fact call to verify some piece of information. Andy Hardwick of the Houston Social Security Office said it’s important to be sure the person on the phone really is from Social Security. If someone calls and says they are from Social Security, ask for their name, job title, reason for calling and the phone number of their office, then tell them you will call back and hang up. Then call Social Security to confirm their identity. The Nationwide Number is 800 772 1213. The Beaumont Office is toll free at 866-613-2864.       

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