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Rep. Middleton touts state's property tax reform legislation

The Texas House and Senate filed identical property tax relief bills last week. District 23 State Representative Mayes Middleton of Wallisville serves all of Chambers County and part of Galveston County. He said House Bill 2 would put Texas on the path to meaningful property tax reform. Rep. Middleton said the bill includes provisions intended to increase transparency in the property tax rate calculations, make it easier for property taxpayers to navigate the appraisal review board process, and empower citizens to have a direct say in significant increases in property tax rates. Critics of the bill say the legislation would hamstring local taxing entities from generating additional revenues, especially fast-growing cities and counties. Under the tax reform bill, if property taxing entities hike appraisals plus the tax rate more than a combined 2.5 percent per year they would be forced to ask voters to approve the increases. Currently, local governments can increase tax revenue 8 percent a year without voter approval. Tax reform legislation is an expressed priority of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and new House Speaker Dennis Bonnen. Rep. Middleton is a first-term legislator, and he made property tax reform a cornerstone of his election campaign. Concerning the recently filed piece of property tax reform legislation, Rep. Mayes Middleton said he will work hard to ensure House Bill 2 makes it into law in order to reign in what he calls out-of-control property taxes that are forcing people out of their own homes. 

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