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Social Security's Andy Hardwick on Medicare enrollment

When a person reaches retirement age and files for retirement benefits from the Social Security Administration, they are also asked to sign up for health care coverage through Medicare. While a penalty can be charged to those who do not sign up for Medicare Part B when they file for benefits, there are exceptions. According to Andy Hardwick of the Houston Social Security Office, if a person continues to work after retirement age and has health insurance through their employer, they can delay Medicare sign up without penalty. Mr. Hardwick said the initial enrollment for Medicare Parts A and B is a seven month period starting three months before and continuing three months after the month in which a person turns 65. There are answers to virtually every question involving social security benefits at the administration’s website. Link there from or call Social Security with questions. The Beaumont Office toll free number is 866-613-2864. Or call the nationwide number at 800-772-1213 during business hours. 

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