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Trinity River was above flood state for unusually long time

We reported the Trinity River at the Highway 90 bridge in Liberty fell below the 26-foot flood stage early last Friday morning. That came after 45 days above flood stage, an unusually long time. The readings along the Trinity River come from devices throughout the basin belonging to the United States Geological Survey. Data from those gauges is collected and reported by the National Weather Service. During the recent flooding event, the river at the Highway 90 bridge in Liberty first topped the 26-foot flood stage back on October 17. Five days later, on October 22, the river crested at 29.95 feet above sea level. Anything above 29 feet at the Liberty bridge constitutes major flooding. According to the National Weather Service, historical data from the USGS device at the Highway 90 bridge shows the 29.95 foot mark is the fifth highest crest on record. The all-time record crest occurred on September 1 of last year in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. That day, the river topped out at 32.74 feet. That beat the previous crest of 31 feet set back in 1994. Again, the 29.95-foot mark reached on October 22 of this year is now the fifth highest crest on record. During the recent flood event, the releases at the Lake Livingston dam topped out at 86,900 cubic feet per second on October 19. Three days later, the river crested in Liberty. Again, the Trinity River at the Highway 90 bridge stayed above flood stage for 45 days from October 17 through November 30.

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