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Texas Ranger on preventing school shootings

Recently, concerns over mass shootings prompted Liberty County District Attorney Logan Pickett to bring local law enforcement and county school superintendants together for an informal round table discussion. The conversation involved actions that can be taken by officials to hopefully prevent school shootings such as happened at Santa Fe High School from happening here. Also, there was a discussion about ways to be prepared if the worst should occur. Liberty County Texas Ranger Brandon Bess, speaking recently to the Dayton Rotary Club, said preparedness for possible school violence was tested recently at a Chambers County School. In addition to using DPS technology to monitor kids’ communications with each other on social media, Texas Ranger Brandon Bess also urged parents and educators to teach kids to be a reliable source of information.  Texas Ranger Brandon Bess talked to Dayton Rotarians about other pro-active measures for preventing school shootings. KSHN FM 99.9 will have more about those on a future newscast.   

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