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Cleveland teen charged with Deadly Conduct

A 19-year-old is facing a charge of Deadly Conduct after reportedly firing shots in a Cleveland neighborhood. According to information from Cleveland Police Captain Scott Felts, officers responded back on August 11 to a report of shots fired near the intersection of Frances and Hortense streets. Responding officers determined that shots had been fired toward a residence on nearby Helen Street. Witnesses provided officers with a description of the vehicle involved. Cleveland police also recovered several shell casings and other evidence. While Cleveland Police Officer Joe Rosas was searching the area, he located a vehicle matching the description at a residence on Hortense Street. He reportedly met with the home’s occupants and received consent to search the property. Captain Felts said the officer recovered an AK-47 rifle that was believed to be the weapon involved. The firearm was seized for further investigation. Several days later, Officer Rosas returned to the residence to conduct a follow-up investigation. During that visit, Jose Armando Faz Pimentel (pee-men-tell) is said to have confessed to firing the shots. He reportedly told Officer Rosas that the shooting was motivated by an ongoing argument with someone who lived at the Helen Street home. 19-year-old Jose Faz Pimentel of Cleveland is now charged with Deadly Conduct – that’s a state-jail felony. Cleveland Municipal Judge Bob Steely set bail at $12,000.

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