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Student numbers up in county, CISD leads the way

Student enrollment numbers are up in Liberty County. With that comes stunning news in the Cleveland school district where enrollment has increased 18.5 percent from last year. More on that big rise in a minute, but first a reminder, Hurricane Harvey interfered with the beginning of school last year, and the school districts in Liberty County resumed classes between September 4th and the 11th. So the enrollment figures in this report compare Tuesday’s enrollment to the post Harvey numbers. The seven public school districts across Liberty County report a total of 18,001 students. That’s an increase of 1,131 kids from last year’s total of 16,870. Five of the seven local districts in Liberty County saw a rise in student numbers while two experienced a drop from the same time last year. Those enrollment numbers are important because state funding for local school districts is based, in part, on average daily student attendance. Starting with the stunning news from the largest district in the county, the Cleveland Independent School District now has 6,457 students. That’s up 1,006 kids over last year. Of note, since this same time in 2014, Cleveland ISD has experienced a whopping increase of 2,655 students. Moving on to Dayton ISD, officials there report a growth of 30 students over the same time frame last year. Dayton now has 5,408 students making it the second largest school district in Liberty County after many years as the biggest. In the Liberty ISD, Tuesday’s student count was 2,195. That’s an increase of 75 students from last year. Turning to Hardin ISD, administrators there report Tuesday’s post Labor Day total enrollment was 1,449, a rise of 6 compared to a year ago. The Devers ISD recorded head count is 178 kids this year – pre-k through eighth grade. That’s down 4 from the same time period in 2017. In Hull-Daisetta, there are 491 students registered for class, up 33 from last year. Moving back to north Liberty County, Tarkington ISD reports enrollment of 1,823. That’s down 15 from the previous year. Repeating, as of this week, there are 18,001 students enrolled at the seven public school districts in Liberty County – that’s up 1,131 compared to this same time last year. Again, Cleveland ISD is the largest school district in the county with 6,457 kids. That’s an increase just in the Cleveland school district of 1,006 students from last year. We have not mentioned Premier High School. That’s the private school in Eastgate for grades 9 through 12. Premier officials tell us they have 80 students enrolled this year, up 11 from 2017.


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