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Mail dumped near Dayton, investigation under way

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is assisting U. S. Postal Service Inspectors in an investigation of two large piles of undelivered mail found dumped in the woods South of Dayton. Investigators say the mail was found in a wooded area of CR #4701 Wednesday. A resident discovered the dumped mail and notified the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff’s Department Investigator Chance Maddox said initially it seemed like someone had illegally dumped their own trash but an inspection of the mail showed different names and addresses on the unopened mail. Deputy Maddox said it soon became clear that this was mail that had been thrown out in the woods, mostly likely by a postal worker, instead of being delivered. He said it appears the two large piles of mail dumped in the woods south of Dayton were dumped on two different days. One pile was soaked from rain, while the other was dry. The postmarks on the dumped mail range from as far back as August 22nd to as recent as this past Monday September 3rd. Deputy Maddox said the mail was all incoming mail- bills, checks, bank statements- no outgoing mail. All the undelivered mail appears to be from a Dayton area postal route. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to assist the U. S. Postal Inspection Service in determining the person or person’s responsible for dumping two piles of undelivered mail in a wooded area near CR# 4701. While the illegal dumping charge is a misdemeanor state offense, federal charges for mail theft or tampering carry more severe penalties. All the mail that can be delivered will be delivered to the rightful owners. Some of the mail found Wednesday is damaged and may be undeliverable. The Dayton Post Office will be sending out notices to all those who may be affected by this incident with information. If you have questions, contact the Dayton Post Office at 936 258 5301. 

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