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Clarification on last week's story involving district judge

Last Thursday, KSHN ran a news story where County Clerk Candidate Joe Robertson gave his reasons for filing a complaint against 75th District Judge Mark Moorefield.  In that complaint Mr. Robertson holds the district judge responsible for holding meetings in which the candidate’s opponent was invited, yet he was not.  What we did not do, was contact Judge Moorefield prior to the airing of that report. That was our mistake.  We have since interviewed County Attorney Matthew Poston who clarified and assured us, that the Judges Court Coordinator Peggy Thrasher, had anything to do with the meeting or the trip eluded to by Mr. Robertson.  Matthew Poston told KSHN news he was the person that arranged for the meetings, and the trip, and in no instance was Mr. Robertson’s opponent, Republican Lee Chambers specifically invited.  Rather, she attended of her own choice. Again, County Attorney Matthew Poston has made a very public statement that it was he who set up the meeting held in 75th District Judge Mark Moorefield’s courtroom with Tyler Technologies the company who would like to have the contract with Liberty County for data entry software.  He emphasized it was not the judge, nor his court coordinator who set up the meeting and notified those who may be impacted by this possible software change.  He also said Mrs. Chambers was not invited at the exclusion of Mr. Robertson, rather heard about the demonstration and invited herself. We ran the story on Thursday with Joe Robertson’s allegation.  ON Thursday, we did go to the courthouse to speak with the district judge. He was in court and we made the decision not to disturb him at that time. However, we should have made the call to Judge Moorefield Wednesday to allow him the opportunity to rebut Mr. Robertson’s allegations and included them in the Thursday story. We apologize for missing that very important step in our news gathering.

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