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Dayton planning new round of road repairs

The City of Dayton is planning a new round of road repairs at some of the city’s long neglected thoroughfares. Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon said the city intends to use what’s called Roller Compacted Concrete to instead of asphalt to repave city roads starting with the roads in Dayton’s Linney Creek Subdivision. Mr. Melancon said this application of compacted concrete is not as expensive as asphalt and should last longer. The Roller Compacted Concrete process has been around for a while, but Mr. Melancon said the way Dayton intends to apply is relatively new.  He said use of the compacted concrete could also result in less expensive maintenance that asphalt paving. While the highest priority right now is the roads in Linney Creek Subdivision, Dayton city Manager Theo Melancon said the city has also identified several other roadways in need of attention. We will have more on those roads in a future newscast.

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