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CISD Officer Minchew honored by 100 Club

A Cleveland ISD police officer was one of 62 law enforcement officers and firefighters who were honored at the recent 100 Club’s 64th Annual Heroes Awards Banquet. Pamela Minchew, a probationary officer with the Cleveland ISD Police Department, was honored with a Rookie of the Year award. Back in June of 2017, we reported Pamela was on a Southwest Airline flight from Los Angeles to Houston when a passenger reportedly became unruly and attempted to open an emergency exit door during mid-flight. Pamela Minchew subdued the woman, and the plane made an emergency landing in Corpus Christi. For her efforts, the 100 Club honored Pamela Minchew with its prestigious Rookie of the Year award. She was one of six officers from southeast Texas honored with that top rookie recognition. Each of the law enforcement honorees received a commemorative pistol along with an etched, jade glass award. The firefighters honored at the banquet received a presentation firefighter helmet and a glass firefighter’s axe. The 100 Club is a 32,000-member non-profit organization that began in 1953. It provides financial support to the dependents of law enforcement officers and firefighters who are killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty in 32 counties surrounding Houston. On average, the organization distributes $300,000 per tragedy. Again, that organization has honored Cleveland ISD Police Officer Pamela Minchew with its Rookie of the Year award.

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