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Boomerang expansion in the works

The Liberty City Council met Tuesday and heard a presentation from Ken Long, General Manager of Boomerang Tube in Liberty. We have reported on Boomerang’s significant comeback after several years of financial troubles related to the well publicized downturn in oilfield production. Boomerang topped out at over 500 employees at their Liberty Manufacturing Plant before the oilfield decline resulted in a production slowdown and related layoffs. Now, according to Ken Long, Boomerang is planning an expansion estimated to cost between $7.7 and $15 million. As Boomerang’s Ken Long explained to the Liberty City Council, changes in the oilfield drilling techniques in just the last few years has resulted in an increased demand for a heavier gauge tubing. While Boomerang can and is producing this type of tubing, they are not set up produce it in a large enough quantity to as their competition. Ken Long said new processing and production equipment will be needed along with more space. That means either an expansion at their Liberty plant or adding a second location nearby. We reported the Missouri based oilfield pipe manufacturer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015. Following a financial reorganization, a company called Black Diamond Capital Management assumed majority control. When Boomerang officially emerged from bankruptcy on February 3rd 2016 that change in official control allowed the company to have enough operating capital to continue pipe production with adjustments based on market demand. Boomerang became current on all their back taxes locally in 2017. Liberty Council members were interested and supportive of Boomerang Tubing’s planned multi-million dollar expansion. Ken Long said his plant currently employs 408 people. If the expansion goes as planned, that number would climb to over 500. Currently Boomerang Tube’s city electric bill averages $500,000 a month. The plant’s water bill averages $25,000 a month. Also at Liberty City Council’s Tuesday meeting, Council formally approved the annexation of the Magnolia Ridge Country Club into the city limits. The City is expected to close on 120 and one half acres within the next few days. After which it will be renamed the Liberty Municipal Golf Course.   

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