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Daily Radiogram

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 08:00 - 17:00
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Volume 34, No. 100 Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Hurricane Preparedness - Insurance: Hurricane season is less than a week away. It begins this Saturday, June 1, and continues through November 30. That means now is the time to consider your insurance needs. We’ve reported forecasters are predicting a slightly below average probability of a major hurricane making landfall in the United States this year. However, experts remind coastal residents it only takes one hurricane, making landfall, to make it a big season for them. With that in mind, State Farm Insurance Agent Victor Barranco said that means, among other things, considering your insurance needs. He recommends visiting with your agent now, before hurricane season begins. Remember, once a tropical storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, insurance companies do not write new insurance or allow customers to make changes to an existing policy.
Hurricane Preparedness Workshop: The 2019 Liberty County Hurricane Preparedness Workshop is a week from today. It’s set for next Tuesday, June 4, at 6 p.m. in the Jack Hartel Community Center on San Jacinto Street at Sam Houston in Liberty. According to Liberty County Emergency Management Coordinator Crista Beasley-Adams, that workshop will feature experts addressing important issues regarding the upcoming hurricane season. They will also have lots of free pamphlets, booklets and other very important information. For helpful tips, supply lists and emergency preparation information, go to our homepage at and click on disaster preparedness under the local information tab.
Lee College South: Lee College South Liberty Center Director Wesley Wells was the speaker at last week’s Liberty Rotary Club meeting. During his remarks, Mr. Wells said the campus serves five school districts and three primary populations. The school districts are Anahuac, Dayton, Hardin, Hull-Daisetta and Liberty. These school districts use Lee College for what is called duel-credit courses that allow high school students to get some college-level credits before high school graduation. The center also offers vocational fast-track workforce training as well as opportunities for students trying to return to college. Lee College Education Center – South Liberty County is on the State Highway 146 bypass in Liberty. For information on the center and its varied programs, call 832-556-5660.
*Lake Release: 48,200 CFS – Liberty Bridge 28.5 ASL*



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