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Daily Radiogram

Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday, August 06, 2018 08:00 - 17:00
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Volume 33, No. 146 Monday, August 6, 2018
Meeting Clarification: Last Thursday, KSHN ran a news story where Democrat county clerk candidate Joe Robertson gave his reasons for filing a complaint against 75th District Judge Mark Morefield. He alleged that the district judge was responsible for holding meetings in which the candidate’s opponent was invited, yet he was not. What we did not do was contact Judge Morefield prior to the airing of that report. That was our mistake. We have since interviewed County Attorney Matthew Poston who clarified and assured us that neither Judge Morefield nor his court coordinator, Peggy Thrasher, had anything to do with the meeting or the trip alluded to by Mr. Robertson. Matthew Poston said he was the person who arranged for the meetings and the trip related to possible software changes for the county. He said in no instance was Mr. Robertson’s opponent, Republican Lee Chambers, specifically invited. Rather, she attended of her own choice.
Salary Grievance: A salary grievance committee held a hearing Friday at the request of Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader. That committee unanimously supported the sheriff’s contention that his salary should be increased by $3,403. We reported back in May that Liberty County commissioners voted themselves a 10% pay hike and gave the sheriff a 5% raise. For the prior two budget cycles, the commissioners and the sheriff received the same compensation, but with the pay increase difference this time, the commissioners were slated to make $3,403 more than the sheriff for the upcoming 2018-19 budget year. Although all eight members present at Friday morning’s grievance hearing supported Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader’s request for a pay raise and salary equal to Liberty County commissioners, because the ninth person was not present and did not vote, that request must now go before commissioners’ court.
Sales Tax Holiday: The very popular annual back-to-school sales tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. this Friday and ends at midnight Sunday. It’s a chance to save money on certain back-to-school items that are priced under $100. Those tax-free items include most children’s and adults’ clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks. Lists of apparel and school supplies that are tax-free can be found on the Texas Comptroller’s website – you can link there from, just click on the government tab under local information.
*Lake Release: 1,250 CFS – Liberty Bridge 6.87 ASL*


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