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Friday August 2, 2013

Friday, August 02, 2013, 08:00 - 17:00

Volume 28, No. 14 Friday August 2, 2013

Fatality: The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department reports a double traffic fatality yesterday afternoon near Cleveland. Sheriff’s Captain Ken DeFoor said it was shortly after 3 p.m. when witnesses say a truck sideswiped a mini-van on U.S. 59 near CR #3995 in North Liberty County. That crash resulted in the death of two female passengers in the mini-van. Reports say the driver of the other vehicle initially left the accident scene but later returned. At the time of this report, no other information was available.


New Industry: Speaking at Thursday's Dayton Rotary Club meeting, Precinct #4 Liberty County Commissioner Norman Brown said Houston based Premier Coil Solutions hopes to build a manufacturing and training facility either inside or near the city of Dayton. So far they have not settled on a location for the roughly 60,000 square foot industrial facility. Commissioner Brown said Premier Coil Solutions’ product is connected to the kind of oilfield tubing manufactured at Dayton’s Global Tubing, but the two are not competitors.


Recycling in Liberty: Plans to make a subscription based curbside recycling program available to City of Liberty residents stalled when not enough people signed up to make the idea cost effective. Liberty City Manager Gary Broz said he has been in contact with Terri Woodson, with Waste Management, trying to come up with another plan. He said to date; the problem with each idea is it has been cost prohibitive. Gary Broz said they are continuing to look for an affordable program that will work.


License Renewal: One of the most important issues that confront all F.C.C. licensed radio or TV station is that every few years’ license renewal is required. If the Federal Communications Commission had received complaints, it could have held up license renewal during an investigation of the complaint. That delay was not necessary and KSHN’s license has now been renewed for eight more years.


Dunn Steps Down: LibertyCounty’s only female Justice of the Peace Peggy Dunn resigned on Wednesday. After serving most of two terms as JP for Precinct #6 in the Clevelandarea, Mrs. Dunn said she was ready to retire and spend more time with her husband, Cliff Dunn who owns the Texas Theatre in Cleveland.


*LakeRelease: 1,500 CFSLibertyBridge: 6.73 ASL*


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